“The speedy and successful sale of Florence Mall clearly demonstrated the strengths that Coldwell Banker brings to Homart and The Sears Family.  The efforts of Mike Richwine and other members of his staff was a major factor in helping us accomplish this significant goal.

Many thanks from all of us at Hobart”

Edwin Homer, Chairman

Endorsement on the sale of a mall to meet Sears Quarterly earnings.

“Thanks again for your ongoing efforts on this one, nice to be appreciated”

James Didion

Chairman, Coldwell Banker

“Mike taught me everything I know about the retail real estate business, and showed me a great time along the way. He’s one of the best “idea” people I know”

George Good

Executive Vice President, Institutional Properties | National Retail Partners, CBRE | Capital Markets

“Mike Richwine has been a resource we used while building our retail platform.  Mike has sold properties for us and brought us “off market” properties to purchase that have worked out successfully for our business.  Mike is professional, trusted source, and a sage, knowledgeable partner along our way. We have depended upon him many times.”

Herb Glimcher

Founder Glimcher Realty Trust.

“I have employed Mike in both sale and acquisition roles with very successful results, most recently in helping us purchase several Hotels in the Chicago Area.

I have known Mr. Richwine for over 40 years and have admired his professional and personal ethics.  I am honored to have had such a long lasting relationship with Mike.”

Peter T. Cyrus

Westwood Capital Group, inc Montclair Hotel Advisors.

“I have worked with Mike for over 30 years and have continually been impressed with his business acumen, intelligence and insights into trends both within real estate and for broader financial and social nuances as well. He has the ability to see a deal where others have passed over and is creative in problem solving which adds to his deal making abilities. Mike has great people skills and is a pleasure to be around.”

Tom Rogers

Star Vista Capital, LLC

“Mike is one of the most experienced, competent and respected brokers I have had the privilege of working within my 28 year career.  His unique skillsets add tremendous value for the property owners he represents.”

Robert J. Mahoney

Executive Vice President, Institutional Properties | National Retail Investment Group, CBRE | Capital Markets